From one user to another

Organical® CAD/CAM Technologie unites the long-term practical experience of the Rübeling Group with up-to-date engineering know-how. The result is unique in the area of computer-aided dental prosthetics: The ORGANICAL® System. For more than ten years, a team of 25 experienced dental technicians, innovative machine builders and engineers has been working on trend-setting technologies and materials for the field of digital dentistry. At our headquarters in Berlin, we are developing modules which comply with the highest demands – our own. You can rely on the standard of quality which probably can only be provided by a system developed by users for other users. Intuitive operation and comprehensive customer service is as important to us as outstanding material efficiency. This includes individual training courses for our customers and distributors and fast and uncomplicated assistance in case of technical problems. We are there for you at all times! Thanks to its modular structure, ORGANICAL® is a complete system which has the flexibility to adapt to your requirements. This means that we can offer highly efficient individual solutions and can still provide the complete process chain - with the sale and distribution of our components and our in-house milling services.