Organical® Multi & Changer 20

First class all-rounder for large laboratories and fully automated production

The new, fully automated Organical® Multi manufacturing station is ideal for the processing of all millable materials. The processing of titanium and titanium alloys, together with glass ceramic polishing, completes what we have been able to offer up until now due to the possibility of wet machining. On account of the larger swivel range from -30° to +110°, the manufacture of abutments with an increased degree of divergence is possible. The tool changer which is more than 50% larger provides you with a tool storage capacity of 47 instead of the previous capacity of 30, thus offering even more flexibility.

Organical® Multi & Changer 20

  • 5-axis milling of all relevant materials with the highest precision
  • Improved milling strategies
  • Quiet low-vibration operation and safe stand of the machine
  • Integrated cooling and lubrication system
  • 47-slot tool changer with tool length sensor and tool breakage detection
  • New dimension of scissure work in wax, zirconium and PMMA
  • Easy and fast positioning of the blanks in the holder
  • 60% less energy consumption as opposed to industrial machines
  • Improved handling with wet machining as the door opens upwards
  • Greater flexibility due to the enlargement of the tool storage capacity
  • Optional Organical® Changer 20 changer system allows the manufacturing station work independently round the clock
Tool changer 47-slot tool changer with tool length sensor and tool breakage detection
Rotary swivel axis A: -30°/+110° B: 360°
Spindle 1 kW, 60.000 rpm
Power supply 220 Volt / 16 A (slow)
Feeder max. 15 m/Min.
Dimensions (W/H/D) 96/196/78 cm / 96/240/78 cm (with door open)
Weight 750 kg
AUTOMATIon Optional: 20-slot changer (Art.: 70-1024)
[70-5000 Order]

  • Organical® Mill 2.0
  • Improved handling
  • Loading and material efficiency calculation of several jobs per blank
  • Simultaneous calculation of parallel sessions
  • No additional software necessary for milling preparation
  • Improved milling strategies
  • Optimized 5-axis simultaneous milling options
  • Improvement of the surface quality
  • Shorter milling times
  • Improved safety
  • Autosave
  • Improved collision monitoring
  • Integrated CAM simulator
weitere Informationen und Zusatzmodule

Organical® Mill 2.0 is a CAM software for creating data for controlling the milling machine
With the help of this software, various restorations can be produced using all sorts of materials, such as zirconium. The individual processes have been specifically adapted for dental technology procedures and as a result, the menu structure is user-friendly and suited to the dental technician.

Setting options
The user can programme various settings depending on material and restoration, e.g. shrinkage factor, shape of blank. Optimal milling strategies can be selected for all types of restorations, such as bridges. These pre-programmed milling strategies are used daily at R+K CAD/CAM and ensure highest precision. After the object has been placed in the blank, it is secured. Supports can be used with all materials (retention). It will only need a minimal amount of additional work due to the optimized milling strategy. The quiet running of the milling machine guarantees a long service life of the mechanical components and mills, as well as a perfect milling result.


Burs CrCoMo (NEM) +titanium
Burs CrCoMo (NEM) +titanium 0.6 mm, Art. No.: 68-1040
Burs CrCoMo (NEM) + titanium 1.0 mm, Art. No.: 68-1041
Burs CrCoMo (NEM) + titanium 2.0 mm, Art. No.: 68-1042
Burs CrCoMo (NEM) + titanium 2.0 mm, flach, Art. No.: 68-1050
Burs CrCoMo (NEM) + titanium 3.0 mm, Art. No.: 68-1043
Burs CrCoMo (NEM) + titanium 3.0 mm extra long, Art. No.: 68-1044
Burs CrCoMo (NEM) + titanium 1.0 mm flat, Art. No.: 68-1045

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Blank holder
Blank holder

Blank holder for Organical® Multi + 5X

Metal 10.0 mm, Art. No.: 68-1470
Metal 12.0 mm, Art. No.: 68-1471
Metal 13.5 mm, Art. No.: 68-1472
Metal 15.0 mm, Art. No.: 68-1473
Metal 18.0 mm, Art. No.: 68-1475
Metal 20.0 mm, Art. No.: 68-1477

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Blank holder (Multi + 5X)
Blank holder (Multi + 5X)

Blank holder for the Organical® Multi + 5X

Zirconium 10.0 mm, Art. No.: 68-1430
Zirconium 14.0 mm, Art. No.: 68-1432
Zirconium 18.0 mm, Art. No.: 68-1435
Zirconium 22.0 mm, Art. No.: 68-1436
Zirconium 26.0 mm, Art. No.: 68-1431
Acrylic 16.0 mm poly, Art. No.: 68-1437
Acrylic 18.0mm poly, Art. No.: 68-1438
Acrylic 20.0mm poly, Art. No.: 68-1429
Acrylic 25.0mm poly, Art. No.: 68-6025
Acrylic 30.0mm poly, Art. No.: 68-6030

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Blank holder (Multi + 5X)
Blank holder (Multi + 5X)

Blank holder for the Organical® Multi + 5X

Metal 8 mm, Art. No.: 68-1460

[68-1460 Order]

Burs zirconium + acrylic
Burs zirconium + acrylic

Burs zirconium
1. Burs 0.60 mm, Art. No.: 68-1005
2. Burs 1.00 mm, Art. No.: 68-1003
3. Burs 2.50 mm, Art. No.: 68-1004
Burs acrylic
4. Burs 0.60 mm, Art. No.: 68-1007
5. Burs 1.00 mm, Art. No.: 68-1046
6. Burs 2.00 mm, Art. No.: 68-1047
7. Burs 3.00 mm, Art. No.: 68-1048

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IPS e.max® Finishing burs
IPS e.max® Finishing burs

IPS e.max® Finishing burs for the Organical® Multi
1. Finishing bur for IPS e.max® 0.6 mm  Art. No.: 68-1035
2. Finishing bur for IPS e.max® 1.0 mm Art. No.: 68-1036
3. Finishing bur for IPS e.max® 2.0 mm Art. No.: 68-1037
4. Finishing bur for IPS e.max® 3.0 mm Art. No.: 68-1038

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