Organical® Desktop 8S – Superclass compact

5-axis milling machine for processing of almost all well-established materials with wet and dry milling incl. CoCr

 A completely new developed drive concept guarantees an even more continuous and flexible feeder for optimum surface quality. completely new-developed drive concept with an even more continuous and flexible feeder.
Experience super-class dental milling machines with German industry standard - now compact! Expect the highest material variety - process all currently well-established materials incl. CoCr. Use blanks with up to 120mm Ø for best possible material efficiency. Process finest scissures with 0,15 mm Ø tools. The extremely large swivel range even enables production of titanium abutments with complex angular divergences. Enjoy maximum freedom with the open system and process your materials guaranteed wet and dry.

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Organical® Desktop 8S – Superclass compact

  • Optimised for the cost-efficient procession of metals and improved long term stability of the burs

  • Unique in the dental field - process finest scissures with 0,15mm Ø tools

  • Higher material efficiency - milling blanks with up to 120 mm Ø (radius)

  •  Manual blank change, no special holder required

  • Organical® Multi inside - integration of approved components from Organical Multi series

  • Improved surface quality – Completely new developed drive concept with even more continuous, smooth feeder

  •  Experience freedom - 5-axes and an extremely large swivel area from -/+30° even enable the production of abutments with complex angular divergences

  •  Automatic tool changer station – storage capacity for 19 milling tools (+ 1 zero tool) incl. length measurement and tool breakage control

  •  Fully automated central lubrication

  • Working intuitively – user-friendly concept and touch panel

  •  Discover new fields of business– full and splinted prostheses, customised impression trays and much more, digitally milled

  •  just in case – remote maintenance possible

  •  Save the best for last – guaranteed wet and dry processing possible

Tool changer Automatic tool changer (19-slot+ 1 zero tool) with facility to measure lengths and tool breakage monitoring
Rotary axis A 360°, B+/-30°
Spindle 400W, 60.000 rpm
Compressed air 8 bar
Dimensions (W/H/D) 863/586/610 mm
Power supply 220 Volt
Weight 195 kg
Vanity unit
Dimensions (W/H/D) 863/630/610 mm
Weight 80 kg
[[70-5100 (Machine) 70-5102 (vanity unit) 70-5101 (incl. wet milling system and dust collector) 70-5103 (liquid container, pump, control software) - item-numbers for ordering] Order]

 Die CAM-Software importiert alle STL-Datensätze unabhängig vom CAD-Programm

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Cabinet for the Organical® Desktop 8
Cabinet for the Organical® Desktop 8

The ideal cabinet for the Organical® Desktop 8. Manufactured for accurate fitting in the same design and material, it offers enough space for the dust collector and wet milling system. Available in addition to the milling machine.

[70-5101 Order]



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