Organical® Desktop 7C Dentalfräsmaschine

Compact machine with even better concentricity

5-axes-dental milling machine incl. pneumatic chuck and automatic tool change station

Organical® Desktop 7C already will be profitable for a workload of ca. 200 units per year. The machine is the economic alternative for smaller dental laboratories, who rather trust their own work than sending their work to an external milling service.
The machine is running silently due to the micro-step operation and offers a high accuracy, fast procession by exponential speed ramps and automatic switching into full-step-operation.


Organical® Desktop 7C Dentalfräsmaschine

  • 5-axes dry procession, prepared for wet-milling, grinding of glass-ceramics according to manufacturer in preparation
  • Pneumatic collet chuck for quick exchange of chuck for blanks with ø 98,5 mm in thicknesses 10 – 30 mm, two blank holder included
  • Pneumatic spindle collet for tools with 3 mm shank-diameter
  • Automatic tool change station for 16 tools, with length measuring and tool breakage control
  • Highest precision and excellent surfaces through even more precise IMT-spindle
  • Service: 1 year bring-in warranty on all components, instructions at R+K CAD/CAM in Berlin or regional partners
Spindle 300W, 60.000 rev/min
Rotation axis 360°
Power supply 220 Volt
Size (w/h/d) and Weight 49/54/44,5 cm, 75 kg
Compressed air 8 bar
Tool changer Automatic tool change (16-slots) with length measurement and tool breakage control
[70-1180 Desktop 7, 701181 Desktop 7 withChanger Order]




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