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Reliable, accurate, cost-effective – our milling machines working for you.


With our milling and rapid prototyping services, we cover the entire spectrum of the digital dentistry industry.
In principle, we are able to process all scan data. Our implant system library is being expanded continuously and contains almost all well-established providers. You decide how you wish to submit your work to us. We process the work as required – classic models, raw scan data or data files that have already been modelled. We offer an unrivalled diversity of materials. All work is constantly checked by our internal quality control management. In addition to conventional materials, we also offer restorations from prefabricated blanks.

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Organic PEEK by JUVORA™ Organic PEEK by JUVORA™

Organic PEEK by JUVORA™ High-performance polymer offer a unique set of features:

  • Metal-free solution
  • Elastic modulus similar to bone – hard, yet flexible, allowing for greater design flexibility
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • High resistance to wear, abrasion and corrosion
  • Pure PEEK-OPTIMA® material, with no residual solvent
  • Radiolucency – compatible with X-ray imaging
  • Tolerance to repeat sterilization
  • Proven long-term biocompatibility as an implantable material

Noritake Katana ML Noritake Katana ML

KATANA™ Zirconia Multi-Layered Disc is polychrome zirconia with integrated color shift.
Using this zirconia disc with four pre-colored layers you will achieve a natural tooth-like restoration within one step. Without any further handcraft steps (dipping, painting, drying, etc.) the sintering process can be started. After polishing or glazing you can achieve a remarkable esthetic full contour restoration under standardized conditions.

Priti®crowns by pritidenta Priti®crowns by pritidenta

Three-dimensional layered crown blanks following nature’s example. Choose between anterior and posterior teeth in four different tooth sizes, three pre-fabricated tooth shapes and nine anatomic and aesthetically agreed tooth colours. When sending us the model we will process the priti®crown blanks according to your requirements.

IPS e.max® CAD crowns IPS e.max® CAD crowns

We make high-quality reconstructions from IPS e.max® CAD.

Crowns, bridges and telescopes Crowns, bridges and telescopes

Trust in our highly accurate, milled frames that are made entirely out of well-established materials.

Implant-retained bridges and bar constructions Implant-retained bridges and bar constructions

We guarantee an exact fit of bar profiles that can be freely selected. Ideal for all common implant systems.

Customized abutments Customized abutments

You will have optimal functioning and aesthetics with the highest manufacturing precision. Compatible with all common implant systems.

Impression and cast Impression and cast

We manufacture exact-fitting 3D impressions (models, model cast and drill templates).

NanoZR NanoZR

NANOZR is a promising ceramics suitable for dental restorations required high structural strength because of its higher durability and has been backed by clinical research over 10 years.